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An early interest in computing funded drama school (Stanislavsky Institute and Actor's Workshop - both London) and singing lessons at Wigmore Hall, as well as funding a lot of travelling.
I began making paintings and wall-sculptures in my mid-twenties, still maintaining a deep interest in computing. So I went to art school at the University of Northumbria, gaining a B.A.(hons) in Fine Art, and did a post-graduate course at Newcastle University.
Since marrying and having a family, my art became less of a priority, and I became more interested in computing, but over recent years painting and making sculptures has re-emerged as a central focus of my life.

I have lived in Kent for twenty-seven years, and near to Faversham for seven.

If you would like to visit my studio (which is near Faversham, Kent),
or discuss any of the work with me, please contact me:

John Jackson
01795 890715

I look forward to hearing from you!

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